our story

fasmetrics was established in 2005 and now operates in five countries, an impetus that will lead the company's future for many years to come. We create engineering products and offer services that satisfy the accelerating needs of the telecommunication industry. In fasmetrics we invent, create and produce radio technology that brings measurable results.

We are committed to innovation and fast forward-thinking. Our main objective is to provide outstanding service and highly specialized technology in order to achieve cost efficient operational excellence for our customers.

We are highly spirited and innovative-thinking, our team consists of professionals that are the top of their field, committed in offering solutions that can be applied to all wireless networks and operating technologies.

We are focusing research to successful product development, while we create proprietary technology that is capable to ensure competitiveness in the global market and produce concrete commercial and financial results for the industry.

our mission... is all about more future

more future is

| our responsibility for better products and services

| our contribution to the mobile technology industry

| our commitment to global leaders, our assurance to global investors

| our promise for a better future

In fasmetrics we do more with less... there is no end... there is always more... there is always more future...


To achieve our mission, we put together the right mix of academic excellence and industrial experience, all simply focused on the market needs.
We develop products and services that aim to revolutionize the wireless telecommunication market. A market that can be greatly improved in order to meet the future challenges and show measurable results that all we'll enjoy.

We value what we do...

That is why we build strong working relationships with our clients. Our international customer base include Global mobile network operators as well as Global equipment vendors and OEM's. Today we serve our customers in Europe, Middle-East and Africa, while we can establish competent teams anywhere in the world.







Our backbone is our people... Many of our engineers hold a PhD or a Masters degree from well-known institutions, several have worked abroad and practically all have experience in working with multi-cultural and multidisciplinary project teams.
In fact, it is exactly that unique “system level thinking” that our people carry by educational culture and hands-on experience which enables them to identify the technological and process bottlenecks and develop the right solutions for our customers.

We build more future...

Our main goal is to continuously provide superior engineering services of increased flexibility and greater value to respond to the industry's demands. We continue to work on highly innovative solutions with the same eagerness to problem-solving while we are expanding our operations. That is what makes our company a trusted and dynamic partner with a competitive value proposition and a great growth potential.

We actively participate in relevant national & international standardization bodies while we maintain active links with leading universities, public and industrial research centers in Greece and abroad. We run stand alone and joint research activities with selected academic and industrial partners under National and European research initiatives.

Today, our research activities are focused on the areas of:

| radio mapping and geo-location of radio base stations,
| development of millimeter wave front-end systems @ 60GHz & 80GHz unlicensed bands,
| design of MIMO antennas and solutions for 3G & 4G technology applications and
| electromagnetic radiation controls for radio base stations.