performance management & optimization

Management of network quality is vital for the economic performance of your network. It can ensure that you get the maximum value out of your investment in infrastructure. It can also help you to carve out and maintain your desired market position and deliver the best possible user experience to your customers for the least possible cost.

Our specialized team for Performance Management and Optimization offers a continuous mobile network care process where network KPI driven quality is sustained during network evolution and cluster redefinitions. We work together in order to define working procedures and data analysis thus providing customarily developed reports to demonstrate specific concerns, needs and requirements. We identify network issues and propose solutions

Post-processing and detailed analysis of measured data is performed in house or at our customer's premises from our senior radio optimization engineers that have vast experience in all radio access technologies commercially available. Our measurement engineering teams may provide its own equipment and tools or may use the customer's to perform the job. We operate measurement and post-processing equipment from selected companies such as Anite, Swissqual and TEMS while for the analysis we use NQDI, Nemo Analysis or Actix platform.

Our network services extend to network performance audits, radio optimization and benchmarking campaigns...

> network performance audits

Radio Access Network (RAN) performance audit program, encompasses all necessary actions that are required in order to achieve a close-real look on network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In order to achieve that goal, a highly sophisticated and well equipped team has been built. The team consists of network and radio planning experts, performance analysis experts, databa
se and drive test experts. The tools to be used, the method to be followed, the KPIs to be analyzed and the final reporting to be presented are always commonly agreed with our customers.

Best server signal
The service is complemented with a package of deliverables that presents the audit findings and recommendations

  • Reporting Documentation: this is the deliverable that reports all findings from the post-processing of the drive test data. It includes the proposed recommendations for the improvement of system performance. The delivered package also includes the drive testing row data in soft copies.
  • Management Presentation: a one- to two-hour managerial presentation is given where the most important (high level) findings and recommendations are presented and explained.
  • Engineering Workshop: this is the most significant deliverable where in a one-day long workshop the audit findings and recommendations are discussed in an interactive workshop with planning, optimisation engineers and relevant network design & performance personnel.

> network optimization services

Radio Network Optimisation Service guarantees a thorough optimisation of the network and an improvement of network performance within the customer defined constraints. We determine areas for improvement and specify the required input data - measurements, network configuration data and other data about the technology used in the network, then we analyse the data and determine the changes needed to optimise the network performance.

drive testing

The service is complemented with a report that presents comparison results of cell performance and network performance before and after implementation of the changes.

| Optimal cell plan (site location, antennae type, powers, tilt, azimuth, height)
| Optimal neighbourhood relations and handover borders
| Optimal access and quality control parameters for cells
| The best set of radio and traffic control features to be used in the cells
| The areas with insufficient coverage or traffic hot spots suitable for microcell creation
| The cells suitable for splitting due to either capacity or coverage reason

> network benchmarking campaigns

Network benchmarking campaigns provide you with intelligence on what your competitors are doing and how you compare. In the battle for business, it provides the “radar” to help you deliver the most effective strategies. Our measurement engineering teams consist of skilled engineers that are continuously trained on both technology and drive/static test surveys, so that they can perform any benchmarking campaign. 

METRO 3G Indoor Validation

Our benchmarking campaigns extend country wide while can include data throughput measurements on selected hotspots (static testing) as well as indoor performance measurements (walk testing) on selected indoor locations such as shopping malls, metro stations, airports and so on.
The service is complemented with a report that presents all findings from the post-processing of the test data.

The delivered package, includes the drive testing row data in soft copies and an optional
one- to two-hour managerial presentation where the most important findings are presented.