spectrum measurements & post-processing

The wide variety and ever-increasing demand of wireless systems impose requirements on the electromagnetic spectrum. Technical analysis, frequency administration and resolving interference issues require a capable, multi-service competent team of experts. We provide all the capabilities needed to achieve detailed and credible electromagnetic spectrum analysis assignments.

Our specialized team for Spectrum Measurements and post-Processing (SM&P) is focused on supporting any interested party with various RF and microwave field measurements. We can support open field measurement jobs for frequencies starting from 5Hz up to 100GHz range in the electromagnetic spectrum.

All of our spectrum measurement works are performed according to pre-agreed measurement standards (provided by us or the customer). Our measurement teams may provide equipment and tools or may use the customer's to perform the job.

Our in-house measurement equipment is from selected companies such as Narda, Agilent and Tectronix, but upon special request we may find any equipment required for the application.

Aiming to verifying received signal strength of intended and unintended radio transmissions of any technology and frequency, our spectrum measurement offer extend to various fields for multi-purpose needs and requirements.

| electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Continious management of radio interference is the most important part of the business. Clean spectrum means that the received signal stength found on the bandwidth of interest, at any place inside the service area, are well below the acceptable noise levels specified by the application.

On top of just verifying interference signals, we may also offer detail analysis for the nature of the interference source (periodicity, modulation, pattern, etc) while we can also identify its transmitting location by using modern triangulation techniques.  

electromagnetic safety (EMS)

Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic (low-frequency and radiofrequency) fields, occupational health and safety in controlled workplace as well as computer-based prediction of electromagnetic fields and exposure distribution from different sources and considerations of human safety are offered along with the assurance of the measurement quality that we provide.


On top of just verifying the electromagnetic field exposure, we may also offer e
xpert witness testimony on legal and technical matters, including, electromagnetic field exposure, measurement and calculation methods, safety precautions, etc.

| electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Verifying interference safety margins for conducting and radiating emmissions for the device under test.


Our spectrum measurement services are quality assured

On principle and in accordance to our quality standards and working practices, our teams always perform the necessary internal measurement calibration procedures. Verifying the correct performance of the testing equipment and tools is the most important aspect involved in any measurement campaign performed by our teams.

We are an ISO17025:2005 accredited laboratory and as a result we provide know how and experience in all measurement projects that we undertake

Several aspects in a measurement campaign may influence the validity of the measurement results collected. Pre-calculating all error-prone related issues in all our measurement activities, we are able to validate the results collected to a known uncertainty/tolerance level

Based on our vast prior experience from the numerous measurement projects performed, our competent engineering teams will always deliver the correct results throughout any measurement campaign.

We are committed to the significance of the measurements validity